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Black Friday - are there bargains in healthcare?

It's already November 2013 can you believe it? Soon there will be joy of Thanksgiving celebration and craziness of Black Friday bargain hunting. Everybody's different, but I personally could not go for Black Friday ever. Don't get me wrong, I like to save money as much as anybody, but I couldn't justify getting up at five in the morning and staying in line for hours and then "run with the bulls" just to try to squeeze a few extra bucks. Some things probably just not worth it.





This brings me to the topic of my blog today: are there really bargains when it comes to taking care of your health and is it worse to look for them no matter what.


When the new patient comes to my office there are four questions I hear most often: is acupuncture effective for such and such condition? How long will the treatment take? How much will it cost? And is it safe? In my previous blogs I discussed an incredible safety record of acupuncture so I will concentrate here on the first three questions.


These three questions in reality mean just one thing-is acupuncture helpful enough for my particular problem that it worth time and money? Even though fees are important to consider, but the effectiveness of the treatment should be much more of a decision factor. And boy is acupuncture an effective tool when done by experienced muster! Let me illustrate. Often patients come to my office after suffering for years and only when all other treatment already have failed. In these cases acupuncture although still very effective will take time to start its full effect, so it might be less impressive and obvious, but sometimes when effect is immediate, it demonstrates how great the power of acupuncture is. Just a few days ago I had a patient who came into the clinic after hours because she didn't want to go through medical induction for her pregnancy. We did the examination and treatment and within four hours she already had contractions 10 minutes apart! Was it worth the money or should tshe looked for a bargain? Another way some people look for the Bargain is when prospective patients ask how long will the treatment or diagnostic session will last, believing that more of a doctor's time for that money is a good deal.


Well, couple of weeks ago I had a patient with strong back pain and a host of other problems, he could not get the reason for his suffering, much less any help for years. Took me but a five minutes of asking and examining him to diagnose him with a specific hormonal imbalance, which was fully confirmed by special blood test that I"ve ordered. With the correct diagnosis in place the proper treatment was designed. So does a five minutes of an expert service justify to pay the full price or should you look to buy an hour of doctor"s time for the same money ? I think when comes to taking care of the Health, decision should be based mostly on quality and not on time, price, possible insurance coverage etc. So leave the bargain-hunting for the Black Friday when getting a new TV.

And take good care of your Health  you cannot get a new body on sale!