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Eliminate Anxiety And Stress From Your Life

Nowadays there are a lot of reasons to be anxious; the state of the economy, health care, kids education, money and so on. It is totally normal to be worried and anxious at times, however when anxiety is taking over your life and starts interfering with your activities, work was ability to get pleasure from family and things that use to be fun, it's time is to get help. There are millions of people suffering from anxiety, a lot of various treatments has been developed for it: different therapies, medications and some alternative methods. Each has it's benefits and drawbacks. In my opinion the best approach is an integration of several treatment techniques.

I'll tell you what they are in a little bit but for now with me I share the story with you. I had a patient recently in my office we haven't seen for quite a while, this young man used to come to me about a year ago for treatment of anxiety. He doesn't really fit the type you would think could suffer from anxiety - an office worker with a high stress job and sedentary lifestyle. Instead he's a robust strong young man working physically in construction, yet this crippling anxiety feeling been affecting his life in many different ways. He would start having physical symptoms as a result of it as well such as high blood pressure, insomnia, chest pains. We designed a treatment plan which consisted of acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies and some nutritional and lifestyle corrections. Treatment was extremely successful, so by the end of a pretty short course of treatment he was completely anxiety free. As I said he came to us recently, about a year later, reporting no return in anxiety, enjoying his life, spending great time with his friends and family. All he wanted at this point was a general checkup and balancing treatment. We started to talk and with tears in his eyes he told me: "thank you doc for being in my life, for giving me my life back, an opportunity to enjoy my family and my friends", it is a great moment in every doctor's life to be able to help a patient and to know that you really made a difference. It was given more touching that this strong young man that was not supposed to be unhealthy was so affected by this creeping condition and that he made such a great recovery.

So now to that combination therapy I was talking about. I attribute the success in this patient care to the combination of the several techniques. Even though acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine all can be very helpful on their own merits, when put together they allow for much more quick and complete recovery. Acupuncture addresses energetic imbalances which we perceive as pain or emotional discomfort. Homeopathic medicine supports body's healling abilities on the molecular level. Chinese herbal medicine is great at having pharmaceutical-like strong effect on bodily functions without all dangerous side effects of medication.

And finally, nutritional supplements correct nutritional imbalances which contributes to the problem. When put together, this treatment techniques work synergistically supporting each other, accelerating the healing process and creating powerful effects that change patient's life dramatically.