I Heard Acupuncture is Great at Supressing Appetite is that True? | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl

I Heard Acupuncture is Great at Supressing Appetite is that True?

I Heard Acupuncture is Great at Supressing appetite is that true

While it is true and acupuncture has more than one point to effectively suppress appetite, it is rarely what's needed for people struggling with Excess weight.


As a matter of fact in more than 20 years in practice I am yet to encounter one patient whose sole problem for gaining weight was excessive appetite. Usually there are other problems at play. These include hormonal imbalances, out-of-control blood sugar, emotional imbalances, toxic overload and digestive problems. Good news is that acupuncture is extremely effective in addressing all of those problems.


Proper use of acupuncture can address problems in the complex more comprehensive way. Acupuncture effectively treats hormonal imbalances including such an important hormone for weight gain as thyroid hormone. Acupuncture is one of the best treatment for emotional problems and prevent emotional eating and various imbalances in special brain chemicals called neuro transmitters which when out of balance create various food cravings.


Acupuncture also makes detoxification programs much more effective and efficient. And finally acupuncture corrects digestive problems making absorption of nutrients much easier so you need less food to effectively feed your body . This comprehensive use of acupuncture makes acupuncture weight-loss program much more effective then just an acupuncture appetite suppression. But we at the Center for integrative medicine in Aventura do not stop here. To Create a truly integrative Weightloss program we added to the acupuncture treatments individually formulated herbal and supplement programs lipotropic injections other exciting therapies.


Our unique approach makes weight loss not only fast and effective but fun and easy to achieve.