Impossible? | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl


Impossible Question MarkBefore getting to my this week's topic I wanted to aknowledge a sad event - passing of a true statesman - Ariel Sharon  -this is an end of an era for Middle Eastern politics. However even less the passing of the old guard peace in the Middle East looks like nearly impossible future.


Yet another event of this past week challenges for ladies of impossible. Wister record holds in the Norse the reports came off Niagara Falls freezing. That on the surface looks like impossible event. It certainly impossible is just an evidence of limited knowledge of possibilities in this world. Ideal was this daily in my practice. It seems impossible to many patients and many many doctors that putting a tiny needle in the point far away from the problem area creates a healing effect. Even more impossible sounds improvement over condition where there is a long time probably in an objective evidence severely damaged tissue. For example somebody with a Back Pain because of a herniated disc, comes for acupuncture and after receiving treatment on the points on hands and ears finds a lasting relief from pain.




Or we just don't have enough knowledge to explain how it works. Life teachers us daily hat our ideas of what is impossible is. not about the limits of possibilities in the universe, but rather about limits of our knowledge about how universe works.

So don't let the limits of current scientific understanding of the healing processes limit opportunities for better health for you. Explore your options and let us be your guide to seemingly impossible healing of the body and mind.