Insomnia And Weight Gain | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl

Insomnia And Weight Gain

Can you research shows that people who chronically work good quality sleep tend to choose more calorie dense and fattening foods. Additionally lack of asleep slows down metabolism, making people gain weight even when they eat less. Even though this research is new, we, at the Center for integrative medicine knew about this connection for a long time and it has been has been a part of our weight-loss protocol for years. With acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine we can improve quality of sleep in a very quick time that will result not only in weight loss but will bring many other health benefits, will improve energy, productivity at work, concentration and so on. As far as the weight loss is concerned besides improving sleep we are concentrating on other aspects other then diet and exercise. Among other factors which we would look to address to make weight loss successful is body toxicity, chronic stress, hormonal imbalances, hidden allergies, vitamin deficiencies and chemical imbalances. Addressing these problems weight loss program scientifically sound and not only provides quick results, but greatly improves health and a sense of well being for our patients in the process. One of the most important things in this approach is to properly identify these root causes of weight problems.

So give us a call to schedule a complete weight loss evaluation, including blood test, computer diagnostics and biochemical analysis.