Integrative Endocrinology | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl

Integrative Endocrinology

Endocrinology – science studying normal functions and disorders of endocrine (hormonal) system.

  If you have issues with your hormonal (endocrine) system, whether it is

  • blood sugar issues
  • thyroid problems
  • estrogen or testosterone hormones
  • or adrenals  glands

you’ve been to a few specialists by now. It could’ve been internists, entomologists they all have been fine MDs with some fancy titles, but chances are you haven’t been helped, not sufficiently for sure. What’s more, from my experience I would bet that you have not even been tested properly, not for all important blood markers that determine proper treatment.


But I don’t think you knew that you have a choice. Well, you do. And you can get real help. The secret is to go to a specialist in functional endocrinology.


What is the difference?


Functional endocrinology specialist like Dr. Turovskiy has hundreds of hours in post-graduate studies in clinical endocrinology. And that is practical up to date knowledge of functioning endocrine system, not outdated theoretical stuff  they taught in medical schools years ago.

  • Functional endocrinology specialist looks at the body as a whole interconnected and interdependent entity and not as a bunch of  isolated chemical functions.
  • Functional endocrinology specialist looks at lab tests from a prospective of achieving optimal health and not managing disease process.
  • Most importantly specialist in functional endocrinology uses treatments aimed at restoring body functions, not suppressing symptoms.


So the choice is yours. And the choice is clear. Go for insurance driven disease management by somebody with a fancy title or take care of your own health under guidance of a specialist who will enable you to function at your best.