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Integrative Headache Initiative

 Center for integrative medicine introduces a revolutionary approach to treating migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches and any other type of headaches. If you suffer from debilitating headaches which affect the quality of your life, your work, your ability to enjoy a company of your friends and family we have something great for you!

Up until now headache sufferers basically had two main options. One was to go under care of a medical doctor and get a headache medication prescribed. If you were really lucky, you would get a great specialist like Dr. Elberg in Miami and at least those medications would be more effective in controlling your pain.  But no matter how effective, all medications have side effects and the stronger ones come with the most serious side effects. For example the very well known migraine medication" Imitrex" has serious cardiac warnings including heart attack and death.Additionally they are just controlling your pain without addressing the root cause.


Another way was to seek alternative solutions like herbs and acupuncture. Once again if you were lucky you would get qualified integrative practitioner who would combine acupuncture, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic medicine for you to create an effective treatment program. While safe and effective, alternative approach has a disadvantage of taking some time to start being fully effective.

As a migraine sufferer myself , whose headaches have been dramatically improved and now fully controlled by acupuncture, I've been on a personal mission to treat headaches of all kinds. I became extremely effective in treating headaches over the years and aborting even a very strong migraines right away with just one treatment. But I am always looking for even better solutions for my patients, especially in  cases of migraines which I take somewhat personally.

So when I learned about the opportunity to join forces with one of the most prominent Neurologists in the area,the Head of a Traumatic brain injury at Jackson Hospital, Dr. Larisa Elberg I was extremely excited. Based on our numerous discussions I put together a comprehensive integrative headache treatment program to include
expert conventional  treatments based on the latest neurology developments and supported by safe effectiveness of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Homeopathic medicine. And I did not stop there. Over the years I have learned of high effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation that frees nerve roots and therefore correcting various neurological problems, I decided to add chiropractic treatments to this program. We joined forces with one of the most prominent Aventura chiropractors with many years of experience and great respect of the community, Dr. Andrew Sands. Addition of gentle cervical (neck) Chiropractic manipulations will free nerves going to your head. This Final touch makes our great program truly unique.

Now there is an opportunity to attack even the most stubborn headache from medical / pharmaceutical, holistic and structural perspectives. This guarantees that by the end of even your initial treatment course severity of pain and frequency will be cut at least in half.
But these are not all the good news I wanted to share. Every treatment will be done in one location at this Center's office in Aventura. That saves traveling time, waiting and stress.
And even that is not all. The whole program was created as a package with one very affordable price. We will even offer an in-house financing.

So not only we created a system to get rid off even toughest headaches, but we took the headache out of the treatment process as well.