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Pain Relief in the 21st Century

If you already in pain your treatments don't need to be painful. While extremely effective, acupuncture may be uncomfortable for somebody whose nerves are already on high alert from constant pain. Other effective treatments we own for such as band pain injections also could be quite uncomfortable for some patients.


Here are some good news:


Luckily we are in the 21st-century and modern technology comes to the solution. Here what we suggest - any pain comes down to three things : inflammation, nerve-your activation and disruptions in normal tissue metabolism in the affected area.


We have three unique advanced treatments to address this problems.


First, cold laser- this deeply penetrating healing light improves microcirculation and restores normal tissue metabolism on the cellular level.


Second, cryotherapy uses the power of liquid nitrogen to quickly drop body temperature in the affected area to reduce inflammation. It works just like an old-fashioned icepack just 1000 times faster.


Third we have an electronic modulation and my electric treatment based on acupuncture principles. It's quickly and painlessly soothes overstimulated nerves reducing pain immediately and reducing future pain perception.


When brought together these three powerful technologies reduce pain with the lightning speed. So, fast effective and painless treatments for pain.


What could be better? How about affordable?


Well it is! This marvelous healing technology doesn't come with a big Price tag. And it worse every penny. A week of this powerful, safe treatments costs only $317.50. Even by the end of this first week with promise you will feel noticeably better. And after the entire course of just 12 treatments we guarantee that your pain will be cut at least in half! Without pain, without dangerous side effects - light-speed pain relief.


This is 21st century at the Center for Integrative Medicine!