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Science proves - Acupuncture effectively relieves depression

We specialized in treating mood disorders including depression for the past 15 years.

World Health Organization long recognized that sufficient scientific evidence exists to support safety and efficacy of  acupuncture for the treatment of depression.

More recently one exciting study in the United States made a lot of noise in the media, it showed that acupuncture dramatically increases treatment success for patients on medication and actually equals in success to conventional therapy.  Depression is a very common disorder, 4 million people are suffering from it. Depression is recognized as being one of the leading causes of disability  in the United States.

And depression can manifest in many different ways besides common idea of low-energy, fatigue and sleepiness. People with depression complain of anxious feelings, having insomnia, sexual disorders, unexplainable muscle aches and pains, weight gain or weight loss.  Acupuncture treatment for depression has a number of advantages. First with wide variety of manifestations, acupuncture addresses not only the underlying cause - the depression,  but treats individual symptoms for the immediate results. Unlike antidepressant medications it does not take six weeks to two months to start showing an effect. And finally,  a lot of anti-depression medications have a number of dangerous side effects which acupuncture does not.

So whether you have one of the above symptoms or any other symptoms for which doctors could not find an apparent reason, chances are you might be suffering from depression and in that case acupuncture is a great treatment option.