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Sex and Acupuncture

What acupuncture has to do with sex you might ask. Well nothing and everything. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine both come from the tradition of Taoism - a spiritual tradition from China and the far east that was very concerned with promoting longevity. One of the crucial components of creating long and healthy life is developing alchemic sexual practices. Also correcting any possible imbalances in sex life were in that category as well. So over millennia acupuncture practitioners refined their skills in treating any type of sexual dysfunction or any type of dysfunction related to reproductive system. One of the areas of sexual life and human reproductive system which acupuncture is getting known more and more for are fertility problems.


Acupuncture has been successfully used for these problems for thousands of years. Even now with the development of IVF and other modern treatments acupuncture can serve as a valuable adjunct making those treatments more successful and ultimately saving patients money and effort in achieving their goals. Herbs and acupuncture also can help women in other areas including problems with arousal and reaching orgasm, vaginal pain and menstrual pain and irregularities. For men oriental medicine is wonderful in promoting strong, lasting erections, regulating the length of the intercourse, treating prostate inflammation and enlargement.


Using Oriental medicine tools such as Chinese herbs and acupuncture you can greatly improve your sex life , making it much more fulfilling and satisfying, improve fertility and ultimately promote longer healthier life for both men and women.