Action in Time | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl

You've probably heard if integrative medicine, acupuncture, alternative medicine, but confused about these options. What do they mean, what are the benefits and drawbacks?


Let me explain.


integration of natural treatment options for best outcomes

All treatment options outside of conventional western medicine model are commonly labeled "alternative medicine". 


One of those treatments is acupuncture. Acupuncture is not a "modality" for pain relief or any other singular problem, but a complex medical system which can be used as  curative and preventative treatment for many physical health problems with various degree of success. It can also be used to treat psychological or emotional issues or just to promote well-being.


Now "alternative" or "integrative" is a matter of treatment philosophy not the treatment mode itself.


Acupuncture for example, if used instead of drugs or surgery could be an "alternative" just as any other treatment option.
In our Center will use an integrative approach. We use acupuncture and other natural treatments along with modern technological medicine. We utilize computer diagnostics, extensive blood tests, MRI and other diagnostic and treatment options of conventional medicine.


Natural and conventional treatment and diagnostic modes are not used as an alternative one to another, but  rather in the integrative synergistic approach to complement each other and to achieve the greatest possible results in the shortest possible time.


This allows our patients to maximize the results while minimizing the expense.
For a lot of modern treatment and diagnostic procedures we refer to outside specialists. Our in-office treatment sare integrated as shown in the diagram below. Strongest, most effective treatments are used for the shortest possible time to save effort and money to our patients and more gentle supportive treatments are used for longer time to provide lasting benefits and prevent recurrence of painful conditions.