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A Mink Megamillion Jackpot

When a mink megamillion jackpot starts rising up about 100 and 50 million, passions start going higher, about 300 million and some people are going into frenzy. Is there anything wrong with that?
I don't think so, it's a normal human nature to hope for the best, believe that you deserve it and try to use your smarts to get it.
Well, nothing wrong with it if one finally the lucky winners announced he disengage, forget about and let it go. But if you cannot stop thinking, planning for the big win once the drawing is over. If lottery is not being only one place you are trying to get the lucky score, then maybe we might be talking about the problem. The problem is gambling addiction. As with any addiction it is all about impulse control. And impulse control is not just behavioral, but a chemical issue as well- when brain chemistry is out of balance various issues arise: depression, insomnia, anxiety or addictions.
antidepressants were prescribed for most of them. And most of the antidepressants are acting on only one brain chemical called serotonin. While it is true that serotonin is involved in a lot of mental problems it is not the only brain chemical which could become out-of-control. Modern science developed recently very sophisticated tests which determine exactly which chemicals are out of balance and whether they are excessive or deficient. We use this tests all the time in our office and that allows us to fine-tune our treatments to resolve the problems very efficiently and much quicker than with conventional methods.

So this Christmas season I wish life will bring you all kinds of presents whether it is a lottery winning or something else and if you don't win the lottery not to spoil Christmas joy for you.