New Year Resolutions | Center for Integrative Medicine, Aventura, Miami, Fl

New Year Resolutions

The holidays are over, kids are back from the winter break and now all those resolutions so many made for the new year are ready for some action.

According to polls the top three resolutions made for the New year are to lose weight, to kick bad habits like smoking and to live more peaceful, less stressful life. If you fall into one of those three categories there are some great news.


A lot of our comprehensive programs make it easier to accomplish these great goals. Not only we have great treatments to make it happen for you, those treatments are highly customizable and will fit in to different lifestyles and budgets easy. Let's take weight-loss for example. For somebody who has been struggling with weight for years, tried different approaches and was never truly successful, we have an excellent science-based program which combines the best of all our treatments based on the individual diagnosis so all the treatments are targeted precisely to the problematic areas preventing you from reaching success. This program is extremely effective, but it is very involved and could be a bit pricey for some. So on another end of the spectrum we have proven, effective yet simple program suitable for healthier or younger people and that addresses all areas which are commonly the cause of weight-loss failures. It does not require office visits and it costs much less. And in between the two we have a great variety of programs. So the choice is yours, whatever is your lifestyle, your budget or your goal we have a program which will fit you perfect. The same is true about our stress reduction programs and even for quit smoking we have several different options.


So don't make all those good intentions to go to waste and start working on your New Year's resolution now and whatever help you need were are here for you.