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Pain Management. What could be reasonable alternative?

Pain ManagementChronic pain is one of the major reasons the doctor's visits and causes for disability. This could be a symptom of various conditions: Rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, spinal problems such as low back and neck pain caused by disc herniation, diabetic neuropathy and arthritic pain. Whatever the cause, it is usually incurable by Western medicine and therefore the only solution offered is pain management. Whether it is invasive such as epidural injections or noninvasive as pain medication it carries a lot of risks. Risks of invasive procedures are obvious. But the extensive pain medication list also carries very serious dangers. The addictive nature of prescription pain medications led to the infamous pill mill crisis here in Florida. Besides being addictive pain medications pose serious problems with digestive system, kidneys and liver. Even over-the-counter pills such as Tylenol causes so much damage that FDA finally considering restricting or completely removing some of them from the market.

What could be reasonable alternative?


The solution has to be safe, but sufficiently effective to maintain better quality of life for the pain sufferer.

One such solution is homeopathic pain management. Advantage of this approach is complete safety of homeopathic medication; it is well-tolerated even by children or weakened patients. Homeopathic pain medication is not addictive and the body does not build tolerance to its effect. What is probably even more exciting is the fact that it is highly effective. For example one well-known homeopathic pain medication called "Traumeel" has done extremely well in comparison trials against conventional medications.

Another safe, but extremely effective option is Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture pain management works equally effectively for any kind of chronic pain. National Institute of health recognized acupuncture effectiveness especially for low back pain. As a matter of fact pain relieving effects of acupuncture are so strong that it is being used in addition or instead of conventional anesthesia. Interestingly enough some insurance carriers will pay for acupuncture only when done in leu of anesthesia. Effects of Acupuncture can be greatly enhanced by Chinese herbal medicine.

That brings me to my final point. For the best results we use at the Center for integrative medicine an integrative approach. We combine most effective methods such as described above together and enhance them with some other treatment options such as magnetic therapy or medical exercise and it allows us to deal with the toughest pain quickly and effectively.