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What about fast results in weight loss? What is your choice Jenny Craig, Dr. G?

When it comes to weight loss everybody's looking for fast results. And there are a lot of places from old-fashioned Jenny Craig to new Dr. G franchises which sell just that- a quick-fix approach. And since there are many businesses like that they try to compete on price. So to save money they opt for simple fit-for-all cookie-cutter approach.


But what about real, lasting results?


What about, science why people gain weight and how they can lose it off and keep it off effectively?

What about the weight-loss for women, should be the same as the program for man?

Are there any food intolerances affecting the weight gain?

What about the people who have been on unhealthy crash hCG diet two years ago, will this people be prone to gain more weight?


My philosophy is to treat each patient individually, to select their diet and supplement regimen based on age, gender their specific health conditions. Before we even start, we run a battery of extensive blood tests to determine what is going on and why they have a weight problem in the first place. And then we address those problems with proven time-tested treatments, no magic pills no fed diets no latest gimmicks. It may take a little longer for dramatic results but the weight-loss is constant, it is easy and the most important it is sustainable.


And whatever method of weight-loss you might choose in the end, at the very least you owe it to yourself to come and get tested to find out what is going on with you and what is it your body needs to be healthy, slim down and to stay at desired weight.